Providing an appropriate environment for employee learning and development is very important for the Company. The Company believes in inspirational encouragement for employees and talent development and creates a workplace for everyone with equal opportunities without discriminatory practices.

Individual and Professional

Individual and professional development is important for the Company, so that the Company provides opportunities to deepen employee understanding of the Company's intention to create value through training sessions and programs that encourage employee career development. The training programs include understanding of the business, technical, skills, values, ethics and governance of the Company. We see this as the basis for the professional development of each employee and for the development of the Company.


The Kobexindo Management System (KMS) is a guide that involves all employees in using Plan-Do-Check-Action (PDCA) to manage and improve business quality, provide customer satisfaction, and enhance the Company's competitiveness. This is based on a number of elements that have been applied by the Company over the years: basic values, systems and culture. The way Kobexindo is instilled and cultivated to all employees, in accordance with what they face and the strategies they carry out in their work in accordance with the philosophy of the Company.